SENTERA Sensor Specs

Sensor Specifications for using 3rd Party Flight Applications
Customers who have Sentera Sensors and are flying with third-party flight applications other than FieldAgent Mobile will need to provide the flight application with information about the Sentera Sensor for the application to properly take the sensor into account planning a mission.
Single Sensor Specs:
Focal Length [mm] 4.14
Sensor Width [mm] 4.68001
Sensor Height[mm}      3.56251
Image Width [pixel] 1248
Image Height [pixel] 950
Triggering Interval [s] 0.5
Double 4K/AGX710 Specs:
Focal Length [mm] 5.4
Sensor Width [mm] 6.2
Sensor Height [mm]     4.65
Image Width [pixel] 4000
Image Height [pixel] 3000
Triggering Interval [s] 0.5
6X Mono Chrome Sensor Specs:
Focal Length [mm] 8
Sensor Width [mm] 7.0656
Sensor Height [mm]     5.2992
Image Width [pixel] 2048
Image Height [pixel] 1536
Triggering Interval [s] 5
6X RGB Color Sensor Specs:
Focal Length [mm] 7.2
Sensor Width [mm] 6.2208
Sensor Width [mm]      4.6656
Image Width [pixel] 5184
Image Height [pixel] 3888
Triggering Interval [s] 5

NOTE: As for sensor width and height, sensor width is 6.2 mm, height 4.65 mm, and weight is 270 grams. Image width and height are the same as horizontal and vertical resolution.